Cairn India Limited - Oil and Gas Exploration Companies In India

Point wise compliance report to EC & CRZ Cleanaces
Asset EC/CRZ File No Subject Compliance Report
RJ-ON-90/1 Exploration Apr 16 – Sept 16
RJ-ON-90/1 Production Apr 16 – Sept 16
Barmer to Salaya Pipeline Apr 16 – Sep 16
PKGM-1 (Ravva) Exploration
PKGM-1 (Ravva) Development
CB-OS/2 (Suvvali) Exploration Apr 16 – Sept 16
CB-OS/2 (Suvvali) Production
Palar Apr 16 – Sept 16
Records of biomedical waste generation
RJ-ON-90/1 block
Mangala Development Pipeline
Ravva block
Suvvali block