Code of Business Ethics

Cairn’s core values of Teamwork, Ownership, Pioneering Spirit and Respect for people underpins everything we do as a Company and Cairn demands and maintains the highest ethical standards in carrying out its business activities. This Code is a cornerstone of Cairn policy worldwide. It expresses the principles of our business ethics and is intended to assist all Employees in meeting the high standards of personal and professional integrity required of them. Strict adherence to the provisions of this Code is a condition of employment.

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Whistleblower Policy

Cairn formulated and adopted a Whistleblower Policy, to support the Code of Business Ethics. The policy is designed to enable employees, directors, consultants and contractors to raise concerns internally at a significantly senior level and to disclose information which the individual believes, shows malpractice or wrongdoing which could affect the business or reputation of the Cairn. Any allegations that fall within the scope of the concerns identified are investigated and dealt with appropriately.

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Gifts & Entertainment Policy

From time to time Employees may be presented with gifts from other business organisations. Any such gift that is offered, or is possibly offered, in the expectation of, or to solicit, favourable consideration of any nature must be refused and the fact of its having been offered reported immediately to the head of department.  Employees must not accept money, loans, services, goods, entertainment, favours or any form of recompense from any supplier, contractor, sub-contractor, customer or competitor (or potential supplier, contractor, sub-contractor, etc.).

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Code of Business Conduct

Cairn unequivocally confirms that it does not employ/endorse agents or any third party for its procurement activities

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