reward and recognition

We consistently recognize and reward our employees for their hard work

At Cairn, Oil & Gas vertical of Vedanta Limited our rewards and recognition program is made perky and personal-by linking it to the industry belongs to. We believe this makes awards such as the following, more meaningful and fun:

Thanks a Barrel

An instant mix of acknowledgement and cheers just to say Thanks.

Pat on the Back

A platter of compliments and appreciation for a job well done, on time and in an innovative way.

GEM - Going the Extra Mile

An assortment of appreciation and encouragement for those who walked the extra mile to complete a task beyond the call of duty.

Great People Manager

Mentor and a solution source with an add-on skill of enabling and empowering the team to scale greater heights.

Value Champ

A fusion beyond Expectation - Respect, Teamwork, Pioneering spirit and Ownership.

Cairn Achievers

The names says it all.

CEOs choice

Recognition and accolades right from the top for exemplary achievement in their field.

Above and Beyond

Rewarded for extraordinary team spirit and coordination and driving excellence through innovation.

ExCos choice

Rewarding entrepreneurial thinking and a chance to take the reins on some day.

Cafe Awards Night is the annual bow and tie ceremony when the above awards are announced and the great work done by our colleagues is rewarded and recognized. It is a memorable evening cherished by our employees.

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