Cairn AD Final Released

India is an abode to untold talent. We are a country destined for greatness. We are a country willing and waiting to fulfill our dreams and the first step towards that is to become self-reliant.

The lesser we depend on import of fuel, the sooner we take control of our destiny. Becoming self-sufficient in our oil and gas needs will allow India to save on its import bills. It will give us greater autonomy to focus on our infrastructure, healthcare, education, sanitation, defense and many other similar concern areas affecting the life of every common Indian.

It will bring us all a new sense of pride of being an Indian. For simply, it will bring about the change we desire.

At Cairn, we are committed to be the fuel for this change.

Fuel for Change is an initiative by Cairn India to bring to life - Nation’s dreams and aspirations to reach the edge of glory.

Keep watching this space to know more on the initiative. Connect with us on our Social Media platforms - Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and be a part of the journey.